Benefit and loyalty.
At its maximum.

Now you can offer your customers an extended warranty on millions of items from electronics to furniture and kid's clothing.

Your online store can earn additional commission on all the products you sell. And at the end of the day, you get even more loyal customers.


Count and earn. Easily.

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Clothes and footwear
Children's products
Auto parts
Sporting goods
Home and garden goods

Happy buyers. Yours.

Your customers no longer need to read the small text under the asterisk * to find out the cases when the warranty does not work. Because it always does. The GARANTEER terms are written in plain English and they do not need to be read with a lawyer, they are simple and understandable. This means that customers will be willing to buy the coverage they understand.

* they simply do not exist – this annoying text and asterisk.

Insurance case! To pay
Insurance case! To pay
Insurance case! To pay

Happy buyers. Yours.

Your client will always remember where he bought the product with the honest guarantee from GARANTEER – they bought it from YOU. This means that they will return to you for the next purchase if their product is damaged and they got the coverage payment. Next time they choose a store to buy another product, they will choose yours because it is just safer.

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warranty sales

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